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  • GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface With Wifi

    06 June 2014 ( #Auto Diagnostic Scanner )

    GM MDI is a new excellent GM diagnostic tool, it is designed to be used by those professional technicians to diagnose and repair automatic electrical and electronic systems. It can work on new GM vehicles and also on the old kinds. As a GDS2 diagnostic...

  • How To Update Your GM MDI Software

    10 June 2014 ( #Auto Diagnostic Scanner )

    GM MDI is a hot auto diagnostic scanner, and its software updated often. This article shows how to update. First, click the "MDI_Manager" icon and start the MDI Manager software, connect the PC and the MDI power by plugging the USB cable into the them...

  • How To Recover The GM MDI Software

    14 June 2014 ( #Auto Diagnostic Scanner )

    During the update process of the GM MDI software, if there occurs a power failure or a communication error, the update process would be corrupted. Then there will show you a window of "Fatal error has occurred" and ask you go to the MDI Recovery Mode...